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Alfred AI Offers

Alfred AI offers different Alfred products that it has developed for a variety of business areas to provide customer service for innovative and strong approaches and increases the value of the service provided with new business capabilities. Alfred AI products are designed safely and serve proactively to avoid problems. In order to provide the best service for our products, a safe design has been carried out and it is aimed to provide safe patient care and patient information in the field of health, to carry out agricultural activities in a secure way with the fingertip and to make vital decision-making processes for our customers in the financial sector safely.

Our Alfred AI products are not controlled by just one vehicle. Our company offers the control and usage of its products with many technological tools to our customers. It is possible to realize the use of Alfred AI products from mobile phones and computers.

Alfred Servus

In the field of health, Alfred Servus provides solutions as a personalized product in terms of patient care and clinical management. The use of personalized and customized Alfred Servus on dosage, nutrition, and diet offers beneficial results for both the patient and healthcare professionals.

Alfred Terra

In the field of agriculture, Alfred Terra has developed agricultural farms for the farmers and the agricultural producers can carry out agricultural activities with their fingertips and prevent the problems that may occur with their fingertips.Thus, thanks to our Alfred Terra product, we support the production of efficient products in the agricultural sector, and we also increase the production of farm products.

Alfred Veritas

Alfred Veritas contributes to the decision-making process of our customers through algorithms and thus provides a brilliant way to solve the problems. With the use of personalized robots in the use of interior space, we are professionally assisting decision-making processes in the field of finance and providing solutions in financial matters.