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New design for higher battery density…

New design for higher battery density…

I have realized that lead acid battery is way too heavy for Alfred’s body. However, I have to make a comparison and find a better way to have high density battery. Also price is another concern.

I have made some tests and concluded the battery comparison chart below:

Wh/kg Wh/l Wh/$
Lead Acid 33,4 97 3,6
NİMH 101 400 0,72
Lipo 161 385 0,9
Li-Ion 212 551 1,38

3S4P Li-Ion battery set will need to be regulated to 5 volts. I also created below diagram to reduce the voltage from 12 V to 5 volts.




I think this power system will support the Alfred’s RPI systems. Next step is to design the battery charge / discharge module for Li-Ion. In a way back to square one from charger perspective.

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