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New design for higher battery density…

I have realized that lead acid battery is way too heavy for Alfred's body. However, I have to make a comparison and find a better way to have hig

Alfred’s Power station to charge batteries from an old pc power supply unit

I was thinking of, how to charge batteries of Alfred. Suddenly I have realized that my old and probably dead computers psu can help me. If you th

1st hand initial moves

Finally very 1 st hand has the initial moves. You can't imagine how it makes me happy when everything goes alright! Please click more to see it i

Finally, I have my very 1st hand!

Finally, the hand that I have ordered has arrived. This will be my first hand. If you are having an IOT project then you should have mobility bes

Entry to Virtual Reality

Finally, I have written an android application that sends sensor data to pan/tilt camera system and camera moves with moving the phone. The camer

Bluetooth Client – Server

They say, when you have a client-server application written in same language it is easier to make talk two different application written in diffe

Alfred V3 – Chassis with 2nd Design completed

Finally building the chassis for Alfred V3 completed. (more…)

Alfred V3 -2nd Design

Finally back from CAD Design. What I can say is this design is more stable, more IOT but more heavy. Hopefully, I will not face the weight issue